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Black-Out poem by Karen Barton, 
Source Evening Song, John Fletcher, 'The Way Of Poetry'  

Karen Barton is a poet, and creator of minor-mayhem based in a cottage held together by plaster made from hair and mud close to Avebury Standing Stones. Her work can be seen at The Curly Mind, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Quatrain Fish and forthcoming in Thank You For Swallowing. She blogs at:



Soft rain sprinkles stars

        Lightning bugs flicker

                 Phosphorescent jellyfish

illuminate dark waters


Your boat, lantern starboard,

           weaves the river, searching

       for lost ghosts that float just

above the mist


         Their sensuous voices lure

towards jagged cliffs

       seek companions

on their journey


If you follow

        you will drown

                  in the quiet water

        your eyes will glow

         like glimmering filaments

     in the blue of midnight


You will be carried

        in quick-moving currents

through rocky shoals

                         to the open endless sea


And moonbeams

      will enchant you

                     into the night sky

where you will dance

                     in the heavens

no longer earthbound

in the deep



of dark water.


Jay S Zimmerman, is a visual artist and poet resides in Muncie, Indiana His work appears in Three Line Poetry, Flying Island, New Verse News and the Rats Ass Review.



The poems on this page will be added to an archive magazine during the coming week. 

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