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After a three month break – yes, THREE MONTHS! –Matryoshka Poetry is back!

To celebrate, the website is undergoing a much-needed overhaul to make it fit and funky for our fantastic poetic frolics.


As if that weren’t enough we’re also open for submissions. We thought another Matryoshka magazine was called for and are putting together a list of themed submission calls each with a magazine. Details coming soon to this very submissions page.


Matryoshka Poetry accepts submissions in a wide range of poetry genres. Please read the information below before submitting.


Before submitting we ask you to 'like' and 'join' our Facebook group -  we're nice people so why wouldn't you want to like us? ;-) Besides which, we want you to be part of our poetry family, that's how nice we are!


Please submit 3 – 5 unpublished poems, reviews or viSI-art. Length is less important than quality. Poems previously posted on private academic forums do not count as published. We do not currently accept simultaneous submissions. 


We prefer Times New Roman, 12pt unless there is a good reason to use varying sizes of font. Long form poems are fine with us, as are spine poems and other experimental forms. If you are submitting difficult to format entries such as concrete poems or images please use jpg or png format and contact us prior to submitting. If you are submitting images please ensure you have the rights to these images.


Submissions should be copied into the main body of your email. We will not open inclusions unless you have contacted us beforehand.


Your cover letter should include your name, email address, how you heard about Matryoshka Poetry and a short bio of up to 30 words, plus a link to your social media page if you like.



Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as we are notified if a submission under current consideration is accepted elsewhere. Copyright remains with the authors. If your work is later republished, please acknowledge Matryoshka Poetry in subsequent journals etc.


YOU MUST ONLY SUBMIT YOUR OWN WORK. By submitting to Matryoshka you are declaring that the work is your own and that if any legal copyright issues arise, YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for these issues.


info (at)

with ‘Submission’ and your name in the title bar. If you are a member of a215  OR a363 please add (a215) after your name.




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