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Bart Anders, What books have inspired your poetry? What books inform your poetry crafting? 29/10/2015

Our poetry book reviews:

Poets I have reassessed since taking my course would have to include Seamus Heaney. I now grudgingly admire many of his works that had previously been poisoned for me by a poetry hating senior school teacher. 

I think the big buzz-word book  on the course was Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled but did you know that there is also a recording of this mightier-than-the-sword book of delights? Possibly not for driving but it certainly gives a poetic uplift to power walks. 

This is a book I read from beginning to end.... overnight and as a direct result of coming across one of the poems it contained on my Open University course:
Jo Shapcott, Her Book Poems 1988 - 98, Faber

Gotta love her Mad Cow series of poems it included!

Any 'must have's' to pass on ladies and gents?

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